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TalkToWendys – The restaurant’s survey prizes include a coupon code for a spicy BOGO offer or a sandwich. If you want to take the online survey, you need to purchase from Wendy’s.

The coupon validity is two weeks and it can be used once within 30 days. To participate in the survey, you just need to provide your feedback and complete the survey.

Wendy’s has an iconic and famous icon that is well-known all over the world. The US-based restaurant was founded by Dave Thomas in 1969 in Ohio. He named the restaurant Wendy after the name of his fourth daughter.

Give Feedback OR Take Survey

It is the third-largest fast-food restaurant chain in America. It has over 600 outlets spread throughout the world. Wendy’s, just like any other restaurant, wishes to collect feedback from its customers and know how they feel about the restaurant’s services and products. So, they decided to start a survey on their online platform.


The receipt you received contains a survey code, which you can redeem at one of Wendy’s stores. Keep the receipt safe and save the code for your next visit to Wendy’s. This survey provides a good chance to customers and helps the company create a loyal customer base. They also wish to build a strong relationship between both parties.

Survey NameWendy's
Survey Reward
Coupon for a Free Sandwich (See Receipt)
Time to Complete
3-5 Minutes
Survey URL
Purchase Required?
No Purchase Necessary
Receipt Valid for
2 Days
Coupon Valid For
14 Days

Rules and Requirements for Participating – Talktowendys Survey

You should have a valid purchase receipt from Wendy’s website, which is mentioned below:

You must have a proper internet connection and an updated web browser to access the official Wendy’s website.

You can also participate in the offline Wendy’s survey. But for that, you need to mail the feedback to Wendy’s in case you choose that.

It is mandatory to have a valid Wendy’s purchase receipt to take the online survey.

A person has to be at least 18 years old to take the survey.

The receipt can be used only once for a free sandwich or cash prize.

If you wish to participate in the survey again, then you will need to have a different receipt.

The receipt should not be older than 7 days.

A person must have a valid email ID and contact number.

The person entering the survey must have a basic understanding of English or Spanish.

You must have valid citizenship proof. The entrant must be a legal resident of either Puerto Rico, the USA, or Canada.

Step By Step Guide – Online Method -TalktoWendys Survey

Go to the official survey portal of the company at

You will be redirected to the page where you need to enter some basic details by looking at your receipt.

Select your preferred survey language.

Fill out the fields where you’re asked to enter the important information about the outlet you visited, and the date and time of your visit to the outlet.

After filling in these details, just click Start.

You will be landed on a different page which is the main questionnaire page. There are a series of questions related to your visit to Wendy’s, food quality and taste, customer service, etc.

After answering all the questions, hit Next.

On the last page, you will see a validation code. Note it down at the back of your receipt or take a screenshot and use it to buy a sandwich the next time you visit any of Wendy’s stores. But remember that the coupon code should be redeemed within two weeks, and it can be used once in 30 days.

If you wish to win the cash prize, then you should take the TalktoWendys sweepstakes. Choose yes and take a sweepstakes offer.

After accepting this, you need to enter your personal details like name, date of birth, address, etc.

If you win the sweepstakes, you will be notified via mail in the next 30-60 days.

Talktowendys Survey

Offline Method – TalktoWendys Survey

If you do not wish to make a purchase and still enter the survey, then you can go ahead with an offline Wendy’s customer survey.

You can write your feedback and suggestions on a postcard and put it in an envelope.

Make sure that you have mentioned all the details correctly, such as name, address, contact number, email address, etc.

Mail it to the following address: Wendy’s Sweepstakes Program PO Box 16470, Rochester, NY 14616, United States.

Another mail address of the company: Wendy’s International, Inc. One Dave Thomas Boulevard, Dublin, Ohio, 43017.

Wendy’s Customer Service

You can contact Wendy’s (888) 623-8140

You may also leave a message on their website. The company is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio.

Things Wendy’s Wants to Know From You

  • How do you like the quality of food?
  • If you like the environment and aesthetics provided by the store.
  • Quality and taste of food.
  • Your overall experience at Wendy’s.
  • The customer service provided by the staff at the outlet you visited.

At, the Wendy’s official website, customers may continue to take the TalktoWendys Survey.

To conduct Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, you must adhere to certain guidelines.

By taking part in Wendy’s survey, you agree to receive emails or notifications about program-related transactions or notifications (such as the most recent update, reward collection, expiring reward, reward redemption, etc.), including receiving and sending emails or notifications with reward offers for survey participants.


About Wendy’s Company

With its headquarters in the US, Wendy is one of the most well-known and adored fast food establishments worldwide.

It is well known for its square hamburgers, fries, and ice cold drinks. All ages really like spending time together on the Wendys property.

One of Wendy’s management team’s finest initiatives to ensure that customers are satisfied with the services and cuisine provided there is the TalktoWendys Survey.

With more than 6500 locations, Wendy’s is one of the most adored multinational fast-food brands in the country.

Dave Thomas founded it in Columbus, Ohio, in 1969. Dublin, Ohio, USA, is home to The Wendys’ corporate headquarters.

Wendy’s official survey is called TalktoWendys, and you may take it by visiting the survey portal’s official website at

Customers often have the chance to get a free discount code from Wendy’s by taking the TalktoWendys customer satisfaction survey.

Customers who have recently visited Wendy’s may quickly complete the survey and provide their comments.

If you had a great experience at Wendy’s and still have your receipt, you can simply share it in the TalktoWendys survey.

When you order meals from the restaurant again, you’ll get significant discounts or exclusive specials.

Frequently Asked Questions on TalktoWendys Survey

Is it required to buy anything from Wendy’s in order to take this survey?

Yes. Before taking part in this poll, everyone should make a purchase from Wendy’s.

In what location may I take the TalktoWendys survey?

At, the Wendy’s official website, you may do this survey.

Is taking part in this survey safe?

Yes. The TalktoWendys Survey may be completed on the official survey platform with the utmost security.

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232 thoughts on “TalkToWendys – Official Survey at”

  1. Stopped for the first time in 8 years because someone said the fries are good. Turns out they were right but the service was terrible. The people were unbelievably unfriendly. I said thank you and had NO response….come on. Common decency should apply ! The girl who handed my fries out said have a good day in a totally grouchy face and so fake. COME ON> train these people in customer service if you want people to come back. Good Grief

  2. went to drive thru on 3190 towne blvd middletown oh 45044. the wait in line was way too long! last time there (a couple mths ago food was good) our order was 35.76, order number 3234, every ones food was good except their fries were cold. How ever my order sucked! i asked for a spicy ck sandwich plain except i wanted extra tomato on it, it was a reg ck sand. with lettuce,mayo and 1 tomato. Also ordered a baked potato w/ butter and sour cream, got home it had alot of cheese on it (no cheese wanted) it did have a butter and sour cream in bag, pot. was nasty! Also did you all cut the chik sandwiches down in size? Was disappointed because our visit there a couple mths ago all food was great!

  3. order delivered promptly to home address from store #00011549. Avocado salad was great.(But didn’t have salad dressing-used my ranch dressing from my frig) Taco salad was not a taco salad. It was a tossed salad with salsa and chips. No frijoles, no ground meat, no cheese. Did you change the menu? If so, it will not be ordered again. (Hubby was VERY disappointed, as this is his go-to salad at Wendy’s.) Hope next time will be better.

  4. I stopped for lunch at Wendy’s #8327, Northland Dr., 49525 at about 11:30 AM on Thursday, July 28. I was the only person at the counter waiting for service the entire time. I had to wait approximately 5 minutes before anyone came to wait on me, although numerous employees were right there and available to take my order. I am not referring to those working the grill or performing other obvious tasks. When an employee finally did take my order, it is obvious that he didn’t know what he was doing. I ordered a double combo with chili instead of fries, and a chocolate chip cookie. He first overcharged me for the cookie even though there was a sign right there saying 99 cents. Then he didn’t know how to credit me for the difference. Another employee came over and showed him how. Then when I got to the side to pick up my order, I was told that they didn’t have any chocolate chip cookies, just sugar cookies. This was at 11:30–early in the day, and before they could have sold out during the lunch rush. When I told him to just cancel the cookie, he again had no clue how to do it. Finally another employee came over and gave me cash back out of the drawer rather than credit my charge card. This entire time I was still the only customer in line. I understand that these are difficult times and I normally am very patient, especially with obviously new employees. There were two things that prompted me to write in this case. 1. Although the employees waiting on me was obviously in over his head, no one was supervising or tried to help him until way too late in the game. 2. This is a general complaint that applies to more than just this visit. It is obvious that customers at the drive-up window receive priority over inside customers. It is frustrating to see (and I have observed this on numerous occasions) several drive-up customers get their orders while people at the counter are left standing there. I really like Wendy’s food, but with this kind of treatment of your customers, I can certainly spend my money elsewhere. And, in closing, I will say that I have worked in a high pressure fast food restaurant myself, so I have some experience to base my observations on.

  5. I like having breakfast at your restaurants with your great b’fast seasoned potatoes. unfortunately, several of your locations do not open at the time posted on the door. The drive thru window is open and there are people working in the kitchen area, but they don’t want you coming in and sitting down to enjoy. B’fast is over at 10:30, the posted restaurant opens at 9:00 but they often do not unlock the doors untill 10:10 or so. I don’t want to go thru the drive thru window and then park in the parking lot and eat in my car. I want to come inside and eat at a table but your employees do not unlock the door on time to get in.
    Please have this annoying problem addressed to them and open at the proper time, all locations.

  6. Wendy’s Washington Court House never disappoints. Good quality & freshness. PLEASANT and friendly staff. Thank you all.

  7. Great service. Employees were very friendly and professional. Food was served hot and very quickly. Wendy’s is the Best.

  8. My experience on the first day this Wendy’s was open I think was good. Many staff being trained but good. Taste was consistent with other Wendy’s I have been too in many parts of the country.

  9. We have a Wendy’s located close to our home on George Washington Blvd. in Yorktown, VA.
    we particulaly like your Frostys. The Strawberry is good but our favorites are still the Chocolate and Vanilla.
    You have a very nice and well run wendy’s at this location. Your salads and Dave’s Single are also good.

  10. We frequent Wendy’s Manahawkin, NJ very offend (9276) and are Highly satisfied with Kevin and his team.

  11. I was in a hurry to get to church on time. I was greeted by one of the most charming young ladies on the planet. She has more sunshine than Doris Day. Here name is Adriane. And the service was fast.

    The ticket number is 3031

  12. I frequent Wendys at least 3 times week for salads etc.
    Today was a disaster!
    Wendys #2502 Ramisha 4:42 PM Order # 20034
    Using point saved I order a salad no bleu cheese-Guess what got bleu chees
    Guess what-No points applied and I had to pay $7.59
    Using points I ordered small fries. Guess what-no points applied and I paid $2.39
    This should not happen! Your staff doesnt know what they are doing and I lost my points.

    You have got to do better.

  13. The Alliance, Ohio Wendy’s restaurant has gone down hill since covid. Same salad had 3 pieces of the core in it. 1/3 the strawberries in the salad. Today had one breast split in our summer salad. I believe the drive through speaker needs replaced. Louisville Ohio Wendy’s is twice as nice people and service. I feel your Alliance Wendy’s trying hard to loose customers.

  14. The stores absolutely can not get orders correct.
    First, they tried to give me some one else’s order, then gave me my order, which was not made according to the way that I requested it to be made.

  15. The new manager at store #00011558 since it opened after the pandemic is doing a wonderful job. She multitasks and appears to be doing the job of at least three people…..and stays pleasant and professional throughout it all. The previous manager was good but Faiza is superior.

  16. I went store # 12319 (1970 W Glendale) 9:09 am order # 3012 for breakfast and not one but two of your employees were great, Yelica took my drive in order, and Jay brought my food to me. The frosty machine wasn’t ready yet, so he brought me an oatmeal cookie instead. I’ve never tried one before it was still warm from the oven!! There was a little mix-up on my order and Yelica corrected the issue right away. It’s the serve that will make me go out of my way to go to this store Talktowendys


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